Working with A&J Interiors

Flat Fee Structure

There’s no doubt that at one point in your life, you’ve gotten an invoice for more than you expected. According to research, roughly 85% of homeowners would prefer a flat fee on a design project, so on most jobs, I offer just that. A flat fee saves me administrative time and enables you to know right up front what you’re paying—no surprises! It’s a win-win all around.


You don’t have to buy everything from me. In fact, you don’t have to buy anything from me. You may purchase items from anyone you choose, or use my preferred resources. During your consultation, we’ll determine what needs to be done and how much or how little you’d like to do. For example, my DIY design clients get a detailed list of what they need to purchase and what they need to do. However, other clients like me to do everything, from picking out the furniture to selecting the paint. When fully custom items such as window treatments, light fixtures, or other furnishings are required, I provide a flat fee that includes the design and all materials. My compensation is based on the services you choose and will be detailed in the proposal you receive.

A&J Interiors helps busy families create warm and inviting spaces where they can retreat at the end of a hectic week and reconnect with their spouse, children, and friends. A well-designed space that marries form and function can make life so much easier. It’s this sensibility that we like to share with our clients to design rooms that are a reflection of their personality and lifestyle.

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Working with A&J Interiors