Design Tips

The Art of Accessorizing

AccessorizingI love accessories. Just like jewelry completes an outfit, accessories complete a space. A beautiful room appeals visually, physically and most of all, emotionally. From floor to ceiling, each step of the process builds on one another. Beginning with the personality of the room and ending with the perfect placement of art and accessories, every room needs careful attention. When selecting art, consider the style of the home, the “feel” you want to create and the areas of the room you want to highlight. The key is to use art and accessories that feel personal and reflect your story. Here are things to consider:

  1. Don’t buy because it is “in.” Trends come and go. Love whatever you hang or place in your space.
  2. Take time to really look at what you have. Do you still love it, or is it time to refresh your space?
  3. Eye level, what does that really mean? Well, it really depends if you’re mostly sitting (a family room) or mostly standing (a foyer). In a room where you are typically seated, hang art at 54″ from floor to center. In a room where you are typically standing, place art 60″ from floor to center.
  4. When hanging over an anchor piece, such as a mantel or furniture, allow 4-6″ between the anchor and art.
  5. Create balance by filling about 2/3 of the space horizontally. interior design nj
  6. Odd numbers always create more pleasing compositions on tables and shelves. Notice the candle groupings in the photo above – a group of three candles on the table, a candelabra with five candles and single candles give the room a restful, cozy feel.
  7. Keep a grouping cohesive by finding it’s commonality. They can be connected by all or any of the following: color, subject matter, shape, or size.   
  8. Use complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) to energize a space and add a pop of color. These tangerine pillows are the perfect accent for the soft blue chairs.
  9. Avoid placing a mirror over a mantel, as it typically reflects the ceiling when seated. For example in the picture to the right, I love the multitude of candlesticks on the mantel, but all you see in the mirror is the ceiling and the high hat.    
  10. Art and Accessories don’t have to come from a home decorating store. Find the beauty in unique things to display such as old windows, ironwork, textiles, etc.                                                   

Need some help deciding what looks best? Would you like some great resources for new accessories? Give me a call!